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No one under the age of 18 is permitted at any Conference function.

IMPORTANT:  EACH applicant MUST be a current NARTS member (from the same store) to complete this registration form. If any registrant is not personally a member, you need to JOIN them now or will be subject to higher non member registration fees or cancellation of your registration.

You MUST register a 1st Member Attendee before registering a 2nd Member Attendee. You MUST register both a 1st & 2nd Member Attendee before registering Additional Member Attendees.

You can process a membership application and immediately register for conference at the discounted member rates. Click Here for detailed registration information.

Store Information:

Discounted Early Bird Registration Fees through June 1, 2017. 

1st Member Registration - INCLUDES Bus Tour - $499.00
1st Member Registration - NO Bus Tour - $439.00
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2nd Member Registration - INCLUDES Bus Tour - $449.00
2nd Member Registration - NO Bus Tour - $389.00
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@ $429.00
@ $369.00

For Guests ONLY - Guest packages and events are available for guests (of registered attendees) who are NOT involved in the industry. Events below are already INCLUDED in conference registrations above.

@ $349.00
@ $60.00
@ $40.00
@ $100.00
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