Exhibit Terms and Cancellation Policy

By submitting this application, we acknowledge that we understand and agree to the following terms and polices:

We understand and agree there will be NO REFUNDS or cancellations unless received in writing by June 7, 2023. There will be a $100 processing fee per company for written cancellations received no later than June 7, 2023.

We agree to have our exhibit booth(s) fully operational and open for business from Noon to 4 PM on Sunday, June 25, 2023. The exhibit area will be available for setup on Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 8 AM and must be completed by 11:30 AM. SourceMart will be held in the Post Oak Ballroom on the Second Floor of the hotel. Materials may not be removed before 4 PM and must be completely removed by 5 PM.

We will be responsible for our own personnel and for setup and removal of our displays. We understand that NARTS and/or the Omni Houston Hotel do not assume responsibility and/or liability for any personal property, displays and equipment lost, stolen, or damaged from function rooms and public areas.

We understand that exhibitors will NOT be permitted to use additional card tables, display racks, fixtures, floor banners (unless you contract for banner space) or screens that extend beyond their space allotment. Note: If bringing display fixtures or clothing racks you must contact Adele at: adele@narts.org to determine what size booth you need.

Electrical access will be provided for exhibitors requesting it on the contract. You MUST bring your own extension cords and surge protectors—none will be provided by the hotel.  If you want to spotlight your product, you must bring your own additional tabletop lighting.

Complimentary Wi-Fi connections will be available in SourceMart. Floor banners require the purchase of additional floor space, or WILL NOT be permitted in SourceMart. Banners are limited to two per booth.

We understand that rental of any AV equipment including screens/monitors, MUST be ordered DIRECTLY THROUGH Pinnacle Live, the AV company at the hotel.  You have to create your order for any AV equipment you need in SourceMart on this Website:   https://www.pinnaclelive.com/exhibitor-request/omni-houston-hotel

We agree that all hospitality suites / customer receptions, auxiliary meetings / training sessions or any other events MUST be arranged through and approved in advance by NARTS. This policy is monitored by NARTS through agreement with our host hotel. We reserve the right to postpone, delay or cancel ANY function conflicting with any official NARTS function, including the optional resale shop bus tour.  There is to be no selling of products and/or services outside of SourceMart on hotel property.

Exhibitors are NOT to contact the hotel directly regarding anything pertaining to exhibits. All arrangements must go through NARTS meeting planner, Adele Meyer. NARTS will NOT allow/honor any arrangements you made directly with the hotel. (This excludes guest room reservations.)

Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or share the exhibit space they contract for with another company and may not advertise or display goods/services, other than those developed, manufactured, distributed or sold by them in the regular course of business. Exhibitors are prohibited from having representatives of any outside firm which is not registered as an exhibitor to solicit business, or take orders in the exhibitor¹s space.

We agree to pay NARTS $10 - $75 per box (according to weight) for all box handling fees within 30 days of invoice. Box handling fee pricing will be included with shipping & labeling instructions. Fee will be charged for the actual number of boxes received at the hotel.

Distribution of promotional materials during Conference is not allowed outside of SourceMart without express permission of the meeting planner.

NARTS does NOT allow the display, sale or advertisement of any counterfeit merchandise during or surrounding any NARTS function.

Exhibitors and their representatives agree to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a gathering of professionals. Harassment, discrimination, intimidation, inappropriate or disruptive behavior/speech may result in the person being asked to leave the meeting or facility—without warning or refund—and prohibit further Conference attendance at the sole discretion of the Staff and/or Board of NARTS.  Dress Code: Professional business attire required.  NO JEANS or SHORTS ALLOWED.

NARTS has sole discretion as to placement of booths.

NO food or beverage may be dispersed to attendees at your booth without NARTS getting prior approval from hotel. This includes something as simple as individually wrapped hard candy. Please submit a request to Adele - adele@narts.org - at least a month out and be VERY specific about what you’ll be disbursing in your booth.

NO photo booths or other forms of entertainment allowed in or around your booth. Games or selfie stations allowed only with permission of meeting planner.