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Saturday Workshops

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9 Ways to Succeed

There are thousands of ways for your shop to succeed…but which are truly worth your time, energy & money? Whether your shop is high-end or down-home; whether you sell clothing, furniture or anything in between, these 9 ways will get your shop to the destination you’ve always dreamed of. NARTS Life Member, Kate Holmes, author of Too Good to be Threw and webhost of believes “Resale is a LOT of work! You should be making a LOT of money.” Kate has 9 avenues to success.

Inventory Strategies

Whether you are brand new to our industry or well established, there are many things to consider in Point of Sale/Inventory Consignment software. The software you select will become the backbone to how you operate your business. NARTS Secretary, Dennis Sewell, of Still Goode Consignments will help us to understand the importance of knowing what is available and how developing a strategy is critical when deciding which direction is right for you when selecting your software.

Furniture… More Nuts & Bolts

“Why is this SO expensive?” We hear this all the time! Lisa Gaynor of Design with Consignment will help us to understand what a quality piece is and how it is constructed. She will explain how the differences in construction affect the retail price, the quality and how long a piece will last. With Lisa’s demonstrations, we will discover the many ways to evaluate a piece of furniture and have the ability to better educate our customers about high and low end pieces so they too will appreciate the differences.

Who Really Manages Your NFP?

In the nonprofit world, store managers often report to a volunteer leader or an Executive Director. How do we best define these roles? How do we educate our volunteers about what is and is not their responsibility? Is the store run like a business or a community service project? Do you manage by committee? There are so many questions and Ellen Alper of NCJW’s The Resale Shop will gives us the answers we need. Ellen will share some of the best practices for managing a store as part of a larger not for profit organization.

Understanding Omnichannel

Are you giving your customers what they want when they need it? Starting with the history of omnichannel engagement and using various case studies from big retailers, Chris Aberle of ConsignCloud will let us take a look at how omnichannel engagement has succeeded in giving the consumer what they want, when they want it. Discover how that has changed the buying process from predictable purchasing to a “self-serve” customized grazing process involving product research and single-touch acquisition.

Developing a Winning Team

Getting to know your staff and what makes them “tick” is so important to your overall store experience and employee morale. Krista Tolbert of Women’s Closet Exchange Designer Resale will focus on the development of managers and employees by sharing ideas about how to grow your business through training your store leadership, employees and volunteers based on their strengths, skills and interests. Learn how to set up a leadership development plan, a training program that really works and much more.

Authority in YOUR Fashion Industry

Get the basics on becoming an authority in YOUR fashion industry. Learn tips on how to make your customers look their best through color and wardrobe skills that can be used on the sales floor. Jamie Goeringer of SMARTgirls Resale Fashion can show us the importance of these factors and how to assist customers to purchase what fits their body and their lifestyle. These pointers will give you and your staff more confidence, boost sales and make your store the “go to” stop for fashion.

Displays… Made You Look!

Are your displays eye-popping? What makes your customers notice them? Learn from Sonya Nix of Better Than Before Consignments how to catch your customer’s eye whether it be in window or on-site displays, social media photos or your staff’s work-day wardrobe. They may not realize it, but your customers are drawn in by the tiny details that are appealing to their eye. It is worth your time and money to make those customers take a second look. Discover how to identify what draws the human eye.

Concurrent Sessions 3:00 PM
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Online Shopping… the Threats & Future

Discover how the online moguls are threatening bricks and mortar businesses in ways you probably do not even know about and find out how you can compete with them. Also learn how Millennials are changing shopping habits before our very eyes and how and why to adapt to their shopping style. Colleen Lloyd Roberts of Brandgarden will help you figure out how to fight back and compete with these online and e-Commerce giants and how to adapt to the changing shopping habits so you can grow your business.

Know Your 3 Ps

Your mother always told you to mind your Ps and Qs, but do you know your 3 Ps? In this exciting workshop NARTS President, Neil Abramson of Cutie Patutie’s will guide you through the 3 Ps of your business… People-Processes- Payroll. Neil, who calls himself the “Numbers Guy,” will show you why… as he skillfully helps you unlock your 3 Ps to find greater efficiency, success and lower costs in your business. Learn how the 3 Ps are all connected and how strengthening them will yield a HUGE payroll savings.

Charitable Events Help ALL

Not only do charitable events help those in need, they expand your customer base. The simple act of reaching a new market of clients will help the bottom line of your business. Kirsty Roefs of House of Consignment will steer you in the right direction toward creating a successful charity event. Find out the answers to, “Whom do I help and where do I start?” She will touch on speaking to groups; press releases, how to get your customers involved, thinking outside the box, marketing with little to no expense… and more.

Time for Another Location?

Are you thinking of expanding your business by opening another location? This workshop will dive into the driving questions about having multiple locations and give you the answers. Eric Abrams of Duck Worth Wearing & The Loft will guide you through the location selection process, point of sale system, branding, labor, website, social media, advertising and accounting. He will also share his personal experience of what went right and wrong opening two locations over the past three years. 

Identify and Interpret Basic Metrics

Do you use the balance in your business checking account to determine if your business is doing ok? Gross sales, net profit, cost per square foot, labor expenses and average invoice—for many these terms are another language. You may have learned how to calculate metrics like these, but WHY? Claudine Thiem, of Claudine’s Consignment, will show you how to interpret these statistics and apply the tool of the "trailing stat" to prevent problems and make informed business decisions.

What is the Extra Mile?

We all want to keep our customers coming back and we are all aware of the importance of exceptional customer service. On the surface, it may seem like providing excellent customer service is pretty straight forward. However, every day is different, bringing completely new challenges. Ruby Gittelsohn of Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles will teach us there is a fine balance between developing long-lasting relationships with customers while keeping firm to the policies that benefit your business.

Branding…It Takes a Village

Branding is a powerful business concept, if not the most powerful of all. A clear branding message provides a clear understanding of what your business is about to your "Village," the customers, consignors, donors, staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders. When the message is unclear, inflexible, outdated or sheltered, your Village can't help you. NARTS Vice President, Kevin Campbell of Sparrow’s Nest Thrift Store will guide attendees through a myriad of ways to view their brand and brand strategy.

Remyth for Resale

This workshop will take the key principles from Michael Gerber’s classic, Emyth Revisited and apply them to the nuances and needs distinctive to the resale business. Brad Hobbs of The Adorable Child explains how unique customer relationships, lots of moving parts and increasing marketplace fickleness calls for shifts in the ways we think about and carry out our daily business He shows us how these practical shifts become opportunities for fresh levels of success in the life of your business.

Sunday Sessions

Concurrent "3 in 1" Sessions 8:00 AM
Concurrent Networking Sessions 9:15 AM
Maximizing Facebook

Ads, Boosts, Increasing Likes

What To Do When It Doesn't Sell

Bag Sales, Price Reductions & Store-Wide Clearances

Strategic Events

Bus Tours, Evening Events, Publicity

All About Furniture

Supplement Inventory, Displays, Quality & Construction

This format has three presenters in one session,
each speaker covering different segments of the topic.

Social Media

Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...Discuss it All

The NFP Exchange
A Sharing of Ideas and NFP Specifics
Buy Outright
 Ins & Outs of Adding or Switching to Buy Outright
Traditional Advertising

Mailings, Print, Billboards, TV, Radio...Discuss it All

There is NO pre selection for workshops. 

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.