Action Auction Preview

Action Auction is a lively event held after lunch on Saturday.
Auction proceeds are used to further NARTS educational endeavors.


A Day with Dennis

NARTS Secretary, Dennis Sewell, is offering a day of consulting at his store in Spring, TX... a suburb of Houston.  Dennis and his wife, Janna,  have owned StillGoode Consignments for 9 years. Prior to purchasing their consignment store, Dennis had an extensive 20-year career in Logistics, Technology, Inventory Control and Marketing.

Since purchasing StillGoode, they have experienced growth from a 2,500 square foot showroom with one part-time employee to a team of 13 running a 13,000 square foot profitable operation. The store is dedicated to furniture, home furnishings, lighting and décor.

Do you have a furniture store you know could be more profitable, but aren't sure how to get there?  Dennis will share tools and tips for using technology and statistical analysis to improve your business operations. Are you thinking of expanding your current business to include furniture or open a new location? Let Dennis give you pertinent information so you start out on the right foot. You know what they say about 1st impressions! Do you need help with social media? Dennis grew their social media fan base to over 100,000 fans, quadrupling sales as a result. 

You will spend the day with Dennis in his store, and enjoy a "Goode" lunch, while consulting and networking.

This prize is for consulting services ONLY. All transportation, lodging and travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prize can be used on mutually agreed upon date within one year of auction.

StillGoode Consignments
Value: Priceless

Run the Numbers with Neil
It’s all about the numbers – Spend the day with Neil & See Why

Get your running shoes on and the coffee brewing and you will be ready for Neil Abramson of ECI Stores to spend the day consulting with you in your store helping you focus on your operation and on all the numbers. Everything in your store converts back to numbers... knowing those numbers (number of items processed, average $ item, cost per item, payroll, rent, lights, etc). Knowing and understanding these numbers will allow you to make slight edge changes and supercharge your business.

Neil will analyze your current store setup, operations, review your systems, processes, procedures, payroll, expenses, and staff.  Helping you supercharge your team and taking your business to the next level.

As an alternative you can come to Neil and spend the day with both Neil & Cassandra touring their stores and seeing how their operation runs from the inside out.  Either way you will supercharge your mind and invigorate your business.

This prize is for consulting services ONLY. All transportation, lodging and travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prize can be used on mutually agreed upon date within one year of auction.

ECI Stores
Value: Priceless

A Day with Chris

Do you have dreams of store expansion, opening and managing multiple locations? Explore these options and more by spending a day with Chris Swanson, NARTS Treasurer and Past President, an industry leader.

Chris trained under Kate Holmes at one more time (omt) in Columbus, OH. After purchasing omt, she increased the sales area from 3000 to 9000 sq ft, and has since bought the building and done a complete remodel on the store. Chris opened a  4500 sq ft furniture location, one more time etc, thirteen years ago and seven years ago purchased the property next to omt and built a 2700 sq ft plus size store, one more time plus.

Chris has seen it all and probably tried most of it…with over thirty years of experience in the resale industry, she has so much to share with you! Be Chris’ guest for lunch; pick her brain and see what it takes to run a large, successful operation with multiple locations.

All transportation, lodging and travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prize can be used on mutually agreed upon date within one year of auction.

one more time
Value: Priceless

Resale is Truly a Day at the Beach . . .

When you spend a day with Kate Holmes in sunny Sarasota Florida! Discuss and explore all the varieties of resale, from consignment to non-profit to buy-outright with Kate, past NARTS board member, author of Too Good to be Threw Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops, web host of the Family of Resale Professional Sites, two-time NARTS award winner and industry leader.

Kate will meet you at your hotel, squire you around the wonderful resalers of her community, and talk resale to your heart’s content. From elegant designer boutiques to architectural salvage stores, Sarasota has it all...and Kate knows them all. Continue your discussion over lunch as Kate’s guest at a seaside restaurant, shop with a merchandiser’s eye in the exclusive boutiques of St Armand’s Circle, and learn how to adapt expensive ideas on a resaler’s budget. Be Kate’s guest at the end of the day for a specialty beverage of your choice at the world-famous Daiquiri Deck on Siesta Key.

Not planning on a trip to sunny Sarasota? Use this prize as a year’s worth of free phone/email consultation with Kate. Contact her any time with any concerns for a full year!

Prize can be used on a mutually agreed upon date within one year from auction. Transportation to Sarasota and lodging is the sole responsibility of the winner.

Donated by: Too Good to be Threw
Products for the Professional Resaler
Value: Priceless


This comprehensive consignment software is Resaleworld's flagship product!

Just a few of the MANY features include:

  • Point of Sale
  • Reports
  • Email
  • Word Processor
  • Ecommerce
  • Enhanced payout capabilities
  • New item entry features
  • Plus Much, Much More!

NEW Optional reCommerce feature offers personalized website with consigner login to check account balances, product catalog and complete eCommerce checkout. (Requires additional monthly fee.)

License: Single User. Initial 30 days of toll free technical support included.

Software to simplify your life.™
Value: $995

TGtbT Manual & $250 Gift Certificate








Too Good to be Threw: The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops by Industry Icon,  Kate Holmes.

Perfect for those who want to open a consignment shop, start a resale store, or improve the shop they have!

Too Good to be Threw has step-by-step answers
for true success!

• Easy Instructions for Beginners
• Wise Planning for Growing Shops
• Continued Profit for Proven Shops

$250 Gift Certificate for more Products for the Professional Resaler of your choice.

Donated by: Too Good to be Threw
Products for the Professional Resaler
Value: $350


A Full License for Consignment Anywhere!

A storeowner-driven user interface, designed with nearly 15 years of experience supporting consignment storeowners. Written from the ground-up, by Dean Casey, owner @ The Computer Peeps. Consignment Anywhere includes the following benefits:

• Automatic high/mid/low pricing suggestions as you enter items.
• Unlimited automatic markdowns.
• Unlimited item/store fees.
• Assign splits/terms to different types of inventory.
• Built-in appointment scheduler.
• Compatible with all major tag/label formats!
• Conversions from all of the major consignment programs! We can convert your consignor accounts and your inventory -- you can even scan your existing tags into Consignment Anywhere!
• Attention to detail, preventing issues and improving workflow.
• MySQL database, providing both performance and scalability. Whether you're a store with a single computer, or a store with 10 computers, Consignment Anywhere is designed to handle either setup.
• The ONLY multi-location consignment software that doesn't require moving to the cloud!
• EMV and signature-capture compatible!

License is good for one computer. Computer should be appropriately spec'd -- e.g. 4 GB of RAM, Intel i3 processor (Celerons are just fine, if you have an SSD!), and Windows 7 or above. The Computer Peeps will fully install, configure, and license Consignment Anywhere on one computer, as well as provide an hour of training + 60 days of Peeps' Support.

Donated by: The Computer Peeps
Supporting Consignment Software
Value: $895

MiniPeep Point of Sale / Inventory PC

A custom-built MiniPeep PC! Utilize as your Point of Sale system, inventory intake system, or even as your main computer (for single-user/stand-alone computer setups). System includes the following:

• 8 GB of Crucial Certified RAM.
• 240 GB High-Performance MyDigital Bulletproof SSD
• Windows 7 Professional, fully licensed
• Peeps' 3-hour Configuration Protocol!
• ESET NOD32 Antivirus license for 1 year!
• Installation and configuration of your consignment software
      (Consignment software license(s) not included).
• Installation and configuration of compatible (i.e. USB) tag printers and receipt printers!
• Wireless mouse and keyboard included.
• 14 USB ports!
• The entire computer is only 4.5" x 4.5"!!!
• CyberPower battery backup included!
• 30 days of Peeps' Support + Peeps' System Monitoring included!

MiniPeep computer will be fully configured by The Computer Peeps and shipped to your store -- on-site installation/setup is not included, but remote configuration is. Store should have a high-speed Internet connection. The battery backup should be plugged-in to a sufficient power outlet--no extension cords. Does not include a monitor.

Donated by: The Computer Peeps
Supporting Consignment Software
Value: $825

"The Consignment Shop" (TCS)
Point of Sale and Inventory Management Software

The TCS Software helps you do the following:

• Keep track of your inventory, customers and consignors
• Create bar-coded tags for your merchandise
• Ring up sales via the Point of Sale screen
• Print Checks
• Payout consignors on-demand or on a scheduled basis
• Record special requests in the customer's wish list
• Sell items on layaway
• Track store items separately from consigned items
• Automatically mark down unsold items
• Sell items via the instant inventory feature
• Network a second computer for back-office use
• Balance your cash drawer at the end of the day
• Print daily sales activity & monthly sales tax reports

* Requires a $175 Annual Support Payment to initiate.

Donated by: SBS Solutions, LLC
Software made Simple
Value: $895

Conference 2018 Registration & Bus Tour

The ballroom will sparkle with mystery and excitement as the winner of this popular prize announces the location of Conference 2018!

Transportation and hotel accommodations are not included.

Donated by: NARTS
Your Professional Connection
Value: $549

Featured Store on NARTSWeb

Your store will be featured for one month on the Shopping Guide of NARTS highly visible Website. We'll include a link to your site.This priceless promotional opportunity is ONLY available as an auction prize.

Donated by: NARTS
Your Professional Connection
Value: Priceless



Our sincere thanks to the donors for their generous support.


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