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Saturday Workshops

Concurrent Sessions 10:00 AM

Strategies for Growing Your Business

Dennis Sewell, NARTS President from StillGoode Home Consignments & Auctions, leads this session with real-life experiences to position yourself to grow your business. Dennis will share proven strategies . . . from managing your team, streamlining your processes, and identifying ways to make your technology work for your business. All these things will serve as the foundation for creating content to supply your marketing needs. The end result is getting people in your store and becoming a walking advertisement for your business.

Growth and Maintaining Volunteer Strategies

With a combined total of 40+ years of retail experience, Leslie Angilau and Dulce Hollenbach of Calvary Thrift Store, will share insight on the "How To" in growing and maintaining a solid volunteer base. Explore recruiting options, utilizing challenges, overcoming obstacles, building personal connections and engagement strategies. Learn practical ways to use local resources through involvement with schools, churches and community service. They will share how to creatively encourage and inspire volunteers to a long-term commitment to your store.

The Psychology of Pricing & Discounts

There are 5 key Principles of Pricing: •Pricing should be based on the value of the product to the customer. •Prices should be tangible and comparable. •Pricing communication should influence the customers perception of value. •Price changes should reflect the value of the product. •Differentiating prices may lose sales but should increase profits. Aaron Barrish, of Gulfside Hospice Thrift Shoppe, will cover how to value products based on the perceived value of the item to the customer, not just what it's MSRP is and how pricing items higher coupled with discounts will increase profits.

The Good Stuff . . . $$$

Do you know what all those reports can tell you, what numbers should be important to you and what you should do with them? In this session, Sara Sundblad and Kelli Springer, of Stuff Etc, will cover the What, How and Why of P&L statements. Learn . . . What numbers are important to your store, How to find those numbers and Why tracking the numbers can impact your business. Explore ideas for rewarding your team. Understand the opportunity to engage your team on your numbers and ways to reward their successes.

Concurrent Sessions 11:30 AM

Creating a Vision for Success

Let's be honest—our stores often feel like our entire life. The secret to a successful business is creating a life where our stores are a piece of the pie of a life well lived. When all is said and done, without a vision for the whole picture—work and life—we can feel overwhelmed, tired and burnt out. Clarify what you really want out of your business and life. Learn how to create a vision board either online or with paper and scissors! Ellen Adams, of Zippy Chicks, will help you understand why creating a vision for your business creates more balance in your life. 

Let's Get Engaged

Regardless if you have an email database of 50,000 or 5,000 if you do a little digging you’ll see that only about 1/4 to 1/3, have ever actually made a purchase. What’s up with the rest? Do they just love getting your pretty, creative emails? We know they’re buying from somebody - wouldn’t it be nice if it was from you? You’ve spent time and money to get them to join your email list or come into your store. Technically that’s engagement. But look-e-loos don’t pay the bills. Colleen Lloyd-Roberts, of Monkey In Hats, will show you how to keep those who are already buying, coming back to buy more and how to convert those who aren’t buying and turn them into paying customers.

The Future of Authentication

Deanna Thompson and Graham Wetzbarger, of Authentication Institue of America, will cover the state of authentication in 2023 and the proliferation of counterfeit goods in todays market. They will cover the biggest red flags for the best-selling handbags, jewelry, shoes (including sneakers) and clothing along with a full presentation handout to take back with you to use as a reference. Leave this session with a good understanding of the luxury market and counterfeits, feeling confident in in knowing which brands to take a second look at.

Facebook Live Shopping? Don't Be Scared!

Selling from Facebook Live Videos doesn’t have to be scary! Jennifer Welte and Emily Ballard, of Camilla's Closet, will walk you through the step-by-step process of doing Facebook Live Videos to increase your sales numbers and gain more exposure for your store. Learn best practices to keep viewers informed and entertained while increasing your bottom line. The perfect session for beginners or those who need a little more confidence to go live on camera. Understand how to set up a live, when to go live, what items to show. Learn what technology is helpful and needed to make your live look professional.

Concurrent Sessions 3:00 PM

Marketing Roadmap

Felt like you were flying off the seat of your pants in 2022? Just when you think you’ve figured out what works, it all changes again! Trade those old pants for the confidence of a marketing plan that can transition with the latest trends.  Running a multi-million dollar business with nearly 16 years in the consignment and resale industry, Judy Connor of StillGoode Home Consignments will show you a jam-packed, FUN, and actionable workshop on marketing your store. Follow a step-by-step guide to get those customers shopping and you feeling more confident. 

Ask A Jeweler!

Ask A Jeweler, Curt Welte of Camilla's Closet, will provide the valuable knowledge you need in your resale business! Learn how to identify gold and silver jewelry from costume jewelry, how to know if pearls are real, and how to identify coins that are valuable. Curt will share industry contacts and suppliers for gold buying/selling and provide trusted suppliers for all your jewelry needs. This session will also cover how to begin doing basic gold buying to increase your bottom line, how to identify what period an item is from, pocket watch basics & values and how gold is tested for purity.

24/7 Resale: Making Money Online

Take a deep dive into the lucrative world of E-commerce. Cynthia Riley, full time Online Reseller, will cover the pros and cons of the major platforms focusing on eBay and Poshmark. Learn the listing process from taking photos to writing searchable titles. If you've been thinking about selling online or want to sell more and make more, this workshop is for you. Discover how to profitably integrate e-commerce into your existing business, identify what to sell and where to sell it.  Learn to list quickly and create keyword loaded titles. Maximize profits by pricing right and shipping smart.

BE Your Community's Backbone

Using examples of successful partnerships, Seana Flynn of Consign Charleston, will show you how to better support your community, outlining best practices for getting involved and meeting the ever-changing needs of your community. Seana will shine a light on resources that you may not know your business holds and show how the community can benefit from them. Leave this session with an understanding of the value of being involved in community outreach and the importance of being the backbone of the community that surrounds your business.

Saturday Networking by Topic

We Have Expanded Your Networking Opportunities This Year!
Concurrent Sessions 4:30 PM

Furniture & Home Decor 

A sharing of Concerns, Ideas and Experiences.

Apparel & Accessories

Ladies'... Men's... Teens... Discuss it all. 

Children's Chat

Toys, baby furniture & equipment and apparel.  Share, share, share! 

Just For NFP

An exchange of ideas. Discuss your specific NFP issues. 

Sunday Guided Networking

Concurrent Sessions 8:00 AM

You're LIVE on Facebook

Private group setup, selling tips, billing, shipping and so much more to discuss!

The NFP Exchange

A sharing of ideas and NFP specifics. 

World of Websites

Necessary to grow and enhance your business... discuss all aspects of Websites!

Especially for Experienced Resalers

Seasoned professionals share ideas and experiences. 

Concurrent Sessions 9:15 AM

Instagram Interests

Discuss how you use this social media platform to increase your sales. 

Email Marketing

How do you use your email list? Share ideas for increasing and optimizing your email marketing. 

Buy Outright

Whether you already Buy Outright or are thinking of dipping your toe into this alternative to consignment, join this interesting discussion!

Exciting Events

The possibilities for different types of events are endless! Talk about them all. 

Speaker Bios
Download Printable Workshops (PDF)