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Saturday Workshops

Concurrent Sessions 10:00 AM
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Employees Are Essential

Is your business ready to step up to the next level? Kreta Lee, owner of Another Season, and Merra Holmes, her General Manager, will share why they believe hiring the correct employees are essential to continued growth. Learn how employees utilizing their strengths are vital for your business to level up and gather ideas to motivate employees to care about your business. Grow your business by empowering, encouraging and rewarding employees.

You Have a Website. What Now?

Everyone loves that cha-ching sound! With nearly 15 years in the consignment and resale industry, Judy Connor of StillGoode Consignments, will teach you how to drive customers to your website. Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned store, learn how to maximize online sales and keep customers coming back for more. Leave with a fresh perspective on social media, a little consistency and the drive needed to get them on your website. Before too long you will also hear that cha-ching!

Authenticating and Selling Handbags

Luxury handbags can yield a high return and knowing which ones to focus on and how to authenticate is key to your success. In this informative presentation, Deanna Thompson of Marque Mentor, who is nationally known for her expertise in authentication, will share trends and styles to focus on, authentication of luxury handbags and Chanel Jewelry, the latest in technology and little tips and tricks that will keep your luxury business smooth sailing! Learn and keep up with Trends and Best Sellers. Understand the how to authenticate luxury handbags and Chanel Jewelry (and receive checklists to help). Know the difference between RFID, Blockchain and NFC.

A Store of Dreams

Think about the vision you had when you first opened your store…did you see a hub of activity and excitement that customers were just drawn to? And how about today? Is the buzz there or do you need a little help in getting that feeling back? This session presented by Angie Houloose, of Next Level Resale, is just the thing if you’re looking for 30+ simple, yet creative, promotions and events to make your shop the talk of the town. Because if you build it…they will come. Leave with promotions & events for shoppers and ideas to thank suppliers.

Collaboration is Good for Business

We've all survived the pandemic and somehow managed to hold onto our sanity. Now it's time to focus on GROWING our followers, gaining EXPOSURE to our websites and REACHING new customers. We didn't all create our websites to give up now! Let's GROW them every bit as much as our brick and mortar locations. In order to do this we must CONNECT with these prospects. Let Kirsty Roefs, of House of Consignment, show you how to think outside the box and reach new customers and suppliers. Learn to grow your audience by listening to your customers and where their interests lay. Leave with a plan of how to reach new prospects.

  "D's" of Time Management

Learning to DO, DEFER, DELEGATE & DROP responsibilities in your business helps you manage your time better. Lisa Mills of Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises, will show you how to eat an elephant one bite at a time. Learn to take an audit of each bite to determine if you should eat that bite, save that bite, share that bite... or drop that bite, so you don't have to eat, save or share that bite!  Explore where you can DO more with your time, DEFER to improve your time, DELEGATE to save time and DROP tasks to increase your time. This workshop will give insight to the tasks consuming most of your day, week, month and year.

Maximizing Your Google My Business Listing

When consumers are trying to find you, where do they look? For most Google is the answer.  In this workshop, Bill Gentner, of AlphaGraphics, will cover the basics of claiming your Google My Business listing and talk you through the ways you can optimize it. Are you getting the most of your customer reviews? Learn to manage them. How are you capitalizing on photographs? Discover what you can do to increase photography. Further optimize your listing so you show up in customer searches and ensure basic things like phone numbers and pins are correct to ensure your future customers can find you!

Connections Contribute to Success

Kelli Hulslander, of Your Other Closet, will show how to make your businesses stronger and more successful by building connections to your community. Through those community connections, you will gain a stronger sense of belonging and influence, which makes all of “it” worthwhile. Through real examples and group discussion, Kelli  will help you explore the many different ways to connect, or reconnect, to your community. Identify ways to enhance existing community connections along with new ways  to connect. Begin a plan of "who, how and when" to work on these connections.

Concurrent Sessions 3:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions 4:30 PM
Traffic = Cash. Want More?

Traffic and Cash, they go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. Whether you’re looking to generate more cash in-store, online or through FB & IG LIVE shopping events, you need more traffic. In this 40 minute information-packed, fun-filled, FUN-eminar, Colleen Lloyd-Roberts of Monkeys in Hats,  will talk about traffic building marketing strategies that range from budget friendly through “get the big credit card.” If you want more cash in 2022 and beyond, she’ll save you a seat!    

Ignite the PROFIT in Your Passion

It has often been said that follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life. After navigating your way through the pandemic do you ever feel like you are working harder for le$$? In this session NARTS Immediate Past President and Pink Calculator man, Neil Abramson of Cutie Patuties, will flip finance upside down. Profit is often thought to be the bottom line and most entrepreneurs didn’t get into business to reach for the bottom. What if instead we switch that focus and make PROFIT the Top line? Join Neil at this informative workshop and move your Profit to the TOP!

Estate Sales+Furniture Consignment

Let Julie Phipps, of The Loft Furniture, show you how adding estate sales to your furniture consignment menu of services can increase your visibility, profitability and overall stability. Doing so will bring more product into your store and make your businesses more recognizable as you become the expert in estate and moving solutions. By the addition of a slightly different income stream, you can stabilize the seasonal ups and downs. Discover why adding estate sale services can be great for your store and how to leverage both segments of the business to build the other. Learn to choose wisely what sales to conduct and where to start.

Journey of a Store Owner

This session will take you on a journey from opening a resale store with a couple employees and building it to a four location, multiple brand with almost 40 employees. Amy and Eric Abrams of Duck Worth Wearing & The Loft Resale, will share how they implemented policies, best practices and the mistakes they made along the way. They will cover employee benefits & retention, store operations, insurance, inventory management, customer issues and more. Each topic will point out what they did wrong and how it evolved to a best practice. Implement these concepts to grow and expand your own business.

Luxury Resale Insights 2022

With the ever-changing resale landscape, Emily Erkel from LePrix Wholesale, will share the major trends impacting the resale industry from current consumer demand to how to thrive in a highly competitive market, with new businesses entering the market. Understand how inventory mix is the most important key to success. Learn how to leverage campaigns, especially TikTok and Instagram, to drive sales amongst Gen-Z and Millennials. Emily will share compelling strategies and insights on how to grow your business, what key inventory every business needs and how to get ahead of the competition.

Inspiring Community Involvement

Leslie Angilau, of Calvary Thrift Store, will inspire your business to get involved in your community. Learn about healthy experiences and resources for community outreach. Discover ideas to  draw in volunteers from your community, ways to use unsellable items to bless and reach the community. Watch your customer base grow through community outreach. Leslie's goal is to inspire others to enrich their community impact while positively reaping the rewards of growth in the resale industry.


Trends and Opportunities

Samuel Tesfamariam of Rack Tribe, will help you understand how resale and consignment shops can thrive in the eCommerce space during these changing times. Learn customer trends and how to use the current evolution in social media to your advantage. Understand which social media platform is best for you and how to grow it. This session will also dive deep into the do's and don’t's of going online and using social media. Samuel will also touch on what successful consignment and resale shops are doing right. Leave with new business ideas that will result in more store traffic.

eBay Success in Under 30 Days

Selling unique items on eBay is no small feat; you need to have solid reviews for potential customers to even see your product when they search for it! Siera Smith of Upright Labs, is an expert in selling resale merchandise online. Learn strategies on what to list to eBay, how and when to start earning more through your e-Commerce stores. Know what to post to eBay vs. in your store.  Explore seeding strategies to get your eBay sales off on the right foot.  Set your store up so that it's scaleable and grow your store with your revenue!

Sunday Sessions

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Private Group Setup, Selling Tips, Billing & Shipping


Building a Team, Communication, Recognition

Strategic Events

 Bus Tours, After Hours & VIP Events, Promotions/Publicity

All About Furniture

Marketing, Quality Consignments, Wholesale Sourcing 

This format has three presenters in one session,
each speaker covering different segments of the topic.

Especially for Experienced Resalers

Seasoned Professionals Share Concerns and Experience

The NFP Exchange
A Sharing of Ideas and NFP Specifics
Surviving the "J" Months
 Ways to Increase Sales, Engage Customers & Suppliers...Discuss it All
What To Do When It Doesn't Sell

Bag Sales, Price Reductions & Store-Wide Clearances

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Download Printable Workshops At A Glance (PDF)