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Saturday Workshops

Concurrent Sessions 10:00 AM
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UX ... The Ultimate User Experience

Kate Holmes of Too Good to be Threw knows what it takes to satisfy a customer, and keep them coming back! She takes us through creating the ultimate user experience both online and in person. Today more than ever customers crave an experience that is more than just “going shopping.” Turn their casual interest into an exhilarating adventure. They will love it, share it, and long for a repeat. Kate has the tools it takes to tweak the customer experience in your store from the usual to the ultimate!

A Wake Up Plan

Dennis Sewell, NARTS Treasurer, from StillGoode Consignments says our future may depend on how effectively we respond to a disaster. Can your business survive something major happening? Don’t let a catastrophic event “Wake You Up” to not having a plan. Prepare to develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. Evaluate the key functions from Personnel, Finance, Insurance, Technology and Facilities, Leave with a checklist to develop a custom plan for your business.


Using Instagram to Your Advantage
Hanadi Hamzeh
from Covet explains how to maximize your social media presence through the use of Instagram. With social media becoming a more and more important part of our personal and business lives we need to be fully aware of that and take maximum advantage of all opportunities available to us. You will start thinking about utilizing Instagram as a valuable tool instead of as a chore. Get tips on using your Instagram branding, getting followers, posting, advertising effectively and so much more. 

Exceptional Customer Care

Lisa Mills from Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises lets us  take a fun look at ways to provide an exceptional customer experience to every customer, every time they visit. The workshop will give attendees some time to reflect on ways to improve the level of customer service provided at their businesses and share thoughts, suggestions and struggles. We will be able to see ways to enhance our level of customer service as we share ideas and also learn new ways of teaching exceptional customer service to employees.

Authentication Awareness in Resale

Laura Maurice from The Vault Luxury Resale speaks to us about the extreme importance of authenticity and counterfeit awareness in our industry today. She will be touching on our world of social media and the very high levels of Instagram bloggers selling “dupes.” Laura will also discuss the flood of fakes on Amazon and how we as an industry can protect ourselves while combating the sellers of inauthentic goods. She reminds us that not only do we need to be able to spot the fakes, but how important it is to educate our customers.

Selling Online—Expectations vs. Reality

With 15 years of experience in helping people answer why they are not selling anything through their online store, Dean Casey of The Computer Peeps, leads us through a realistic discussion about selling online. This session is specifically pointed toward addressing the benefits of selling via social media vs. the realities of trying to sell through an online shopping cart. Dean gives us the pros and cons of selling via social media … The *true* costs of an online shopping cart and simplified, effective methods to *actually* make sales.

Pull the Goalie

Angie Houloose of Absolutely Her reminds us that listening to and learning from your customers can guide you to achieve the goals you've set for yourself and for your store. By focusing on the obstacles they face in their day-to-day life, it's possible for you to overcome yours too. Whatever your game-plan, make it your own. Focusing on your customers will give you the outline to create the store you want. Your goals can be met by solving your customer's issues if you're willing to think a little differently. 

Luxury Bags—Cracking the Code

Deanna Thompson from Entrupy breaks down the date codes and serial numbers of top luxury brands allowing you to fully understand their markings, what they mean, what they look like (fonts) and if they are actually from the company. Each brand is different and with “Super Fakes” flooding the market, these are the easiest, quickest ways to decide whether or not to move forward in accepting an item. Photographic evidence covers Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Balenciaga, Celine, Hermés and Dior.

Concurrent Sessions 3:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions 4:30 PM
What's New in Marketing in 2019

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts, Monkeys in Hats, brings her marketing experience to explain how the inevitable growth in Technology, Social Media and Email, along with all the changes happening as fast as they do there, will undoubtedly be cutting edge changes in marketing. Her workshop will tell us what’s new, what’s old, what’s working and what’s not. Learn what the cutting edge of marketing is now, which marketing strategies are getting the best results, what is phasing out and what its replacement will be. 

Recalculating Your Path

What is YOUR dream for YOUR business? Has anyone ever asked you that? What would make you fulfilled in your business? What is keeping you up at night that you can’t make happen? Are you so buried in the day to day that you can’t see your dream? Hope is not a Plan. NARTS President, owner of Cutie Patuties Consignment and “Numbers Man,” Neil Abramson, will show you how to focus on your goals and get around the road blocks that are in the way. Calculate and set a course on your path to achieving your dreams.

Low-Cost High-End Displays

Peggy Levin from The Resale Shop will show us how to create displays of all sizes with easily found low-cost materials or donated items if you are an NFP. With a little creativity and craft skills, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your displays.  Peggy will point out where to look for display ideas, where to shop for inexpensive crafts and supplies along with interesting and easy craft techniques. With a BA in art, she is prepared to take on the job of providing great displays at minimal expense.

Buying Out "Right"

Cynthia Riley, former owner of Closet Revival presents this workshop for both those new to BOR and those with experience who want to improve their procedures. She covers everything from how to organize your intake area to buyer training and managing markdowns. Maximize your margins and supplier satisfaction while improving the quality of your merchandise. It’s possible if you know the “right” way to BOR! Make the switch or add to your current procedures. Avoid the common mistakes and maximize productivity. 

The Key to Loss & Theft Prevention

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) costs the retail industry approximately $30 billion each year. With tactical strategies and a plan in place, you can eliminate the fear of the unknown and dramatically reduce the threat of ORC! Prepare yourself with preventive measures to reduce loss and theft and have a plan so that if/when it does occur, your loss will be as minimal as possible. Abe Sanchez, from Article Consignment, will share steps to take for both before and after a theft or burglary occurs. 

Facebook Page Growth

Kirsty Roefs, owner of House of Consignment has no doubt that social media plays a major role in business today and mastering Facebook is definitely key. In order to grow your Facebook business page it is important to first define your goals and target your specific audience, but to do this effectively takes major planning and know how. Kirsty will guide us through that process, teaching how to create a strategy to not only achieve, but surpass our goals as you connect with your followers and let Facebook work for you.

Customer Education—The Furniture Facts

Michelle Renda from Trading Places  explains how to educate our customers, giving them the facts they need to become a more informed buyer or supplier. Learn how to help your customers navigate the sea of furniture brands and differentiate between quality, value and price. Give your customers the knowledge they need to compare "apples to apples” vs "apples to oranges" when shopping for furniture. Build customer trust, loyalty and engagement and become the “go-to” resource for your industry.

Ask the Jeweler
Curt Welte
from Camilla’s Closet is an expert with over 30 years’ experience in retail jewelry sales. So, we asked the jeweler for straight answers as he shares his knowledge about identifying and testing jewelry. He will guide us through buying and selling estate jewelry and give us the confidence not to walk away from the vast profits available by including fine jewelry as a profit center for our business. Curt will leave us with the resources we need to identify the opportunities available to us in the world of jewelry.

Sunday Sessions

Concurrent "3 in 1" Sessions 8:00 AM
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Private Group Setup, Selling Tips, Billing & Shipping


Building a Team, Communication, Recognition

Social Media

 Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

All About Furniture

Effectively Marketing Furniture, Obtaining Quality Consignments, Wholesale Sourcing 

This format has three presenters in one session,
each speaker covering different segments of the topic.

Especially for Experienced Resalers

Seasoned Professionals Share Concerns and Experience

The NFP Exchange
A Sharing of Ideas and NFP Specifics
Surviving the "J" Months
 Ways to Increase Sales, Engage Customers & Suppliers...Discuss it All
Multiple Locations

Managing Multiple Locations and Pros/Cons of Distribution Centers

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