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Saturday Workshops

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Get the Good Stuff in YOUR Store

Kate Holmes, past NARTS Director, Lifetime member and well known author of Too Good to be Threw explains what makes one resale shop thrive while others languish. Having the merchandise that people want! And THAT depends on your receiving the GOOD STUFF. Make sure that yours is the place the A+ suppliers think of first. Kate shares simple tactics to motivate potential suppliers, manage your incoming—and make those suppliers loyal fans, and ambassador advocates of your business.

Building Your Professional Brand

During this interactive class Deb McGonagle from Traxia shows us the importance of creating a professional brand. When shoppers hear a store's name, you want their first impression to be positive. A store's branding must be consistent and professional. From the store logo to the sales staff's personality, everything a store does must have one goal in mind . . . building that store's positive, professional brand. You take a look at the steps necessary to build a brand from the ground up.

Strategies for Growing Your Business

Dennis Sewell, NARTS Secretary from StillGoode Consignments leads this session that is loaded with real-life strategies to help you do more with less and grow your business. Dennis will share proven strategies to improve your business . . . from managing your team, streamlining your processes, and identifying ways to make your technology work for your business. All of these things build up to define your marketing. The end result is getting people into your store and become a walking advertisement for your business.

An Authority in YOUR Fashion Industry

Jamie Goeringer of SMARTgirls Resale Fashion supplies us with the basics needed to become an authority in your fashion industry by learning about color and other wardrobing skills that can be used right on the sales floor. Having these skills will equip you to help your clients purchase what fits their body and lifestyle. This will give your staff confidence, boost sales and make YOU the GO TO STORE for fashion. You will be the one your clients send their friends to. YOUR store will be known as the authority in fashion.

Place "Style" at the Top

Cynthia Riley from Closet Revival explains why selecting the right merchandise for your customers is the key driver of your store's success, whether you buy outright or consign. This workshop discusses how an over emphasis on designer brand names in your merchandise selection is most likely the cause of many of your mark downs and buying mistakes. She discusses an alternative hierarchy of selection criteria that places STYLE at the top. Understand the importance of designer brands and when to say "no thanks."

Facebook Engagement—Who and How

During this workshop Kirsty Roefs of House of Consignment will discuss how to find out WHO your target market is and HOW to connect with them. Facebook provides several different tools to help its users reach their markets. The goal of this workshop is to provide attendees with step by step instructions on how to utilize those Facebook tools for their own pages and groups. In addition, Kirsty will cover the many different ways in which to connect with followers to be of the most benefit.

Turning Trash into Treasure

Peggy Levin from NCJW’s The Resale Shop knows that when you run a NFP store, you have no control over the merchandise that gets donated. So, how can you make the best out of the "bad” and take advantage of what walks in the door in order to turn a profit? Peggy teaches us to look at items with a different perspective. Discover how with a few inexpensive craft supplies you will be able to turn them into higher priced goods. Whether you create them to sell, or to use as display pieces, it can be done on a shoestring budget!

Furniture for ALL Generations

There is no doubt . . . Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers do a LOT of things differently—including shopping for furniture. Lisa Gaynor from Design with Consignment will help you explore and learn the secret to how each generation’s vastly different values, needs and communication patterns affect their furniture buying decisions. More importantly, learn ways your shop can adapt its marketing and sales tactics to appeal to these very different demographic segments of furniture shoppers today.

Concurrent Sessions 3:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions 4:30 PM
Marketing—From Traditional to Digital

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts from Brandgarden Mobile Solutions shows us the importance of knowing how and when to use Traditional Marketing Strategies, when to use Digital Marketing Strategies, and how to make your marketing more powerful by using them together. She gives us tips on making email great again and how to strengthen your email marketing and messages. She shares her expertise about tying together your print and digital advertising and marketing while targeting your ideal audiences on social media.

Driving for Profit

Do you have the $ale$, but can't seem to find the PROFIT? It doesn't matter if your mission is to feed the poor or to feed your family, to buy books for a school or to book a vacation. To do any of this, you need to PROFIT. Neil Abramson, NARTS President from Cutie Patuties Consignment, helps you understand your Key Performance Indicators, measure them, and most of all helps you take control of your People, Processes & Payroll so you can DRIVE your PROFIT. Your store is the vehicle . . . let’s put it into OVERDRIVE!

Demystifying the Cloud

We all rely on the Cloud more and more for vital services, oftentimes with a very limited understanding of the increasingly complex infrastructure that is utilized. Russell Levy of Resaleworld, Inc. discusses some of the key technologies involved in a cloud-based solution. He takes us through steps you can take on your own to ensure a cloud-based solution is as reliable as possible. By the end of this session, attendees will be able to understand what it really means to "put something into the cloud.”

Authentication for Luxury Handbags

Deanna Thompson of Entrupy teaches us what red flags to look out for when accepting luxury handbags. Each luxury brand is different; from the exterior of that handbag to the interior. You learn what you need to know and what to look for when taking in everything from Coach to Louis Vuitton, while keeping your reputation protected. Also discover the best places to go to learn style names, resale values and how to bring in authentic luxury bags through wholesale companies.

The Approach to Customer Service

Lisa Mills from Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises reinforces the importance of how we approach a situation and the significance of our attitude as we relate to those around us. Attendees will leave the workshop thinking of better ways to interact with customers, suppliers, donors, staff, family and friends. This class will make us think about how we feel when we are on the receiving end of good customer service and be committed to pass that feeling along to others. The Dos and Don’ts of Customer Service are all important to our success.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Matthew Barbee from Resaleworld, Inc. helps us gain insights into the cost of acquiring new customers vs. retaining loyal ones. He discusses what loyalty programs can do for us, why shoppers like/want/use loyalty programs and if they really work. Discover the WHO, WHAT WHY and WHERE of loyalty programs using industry statistics, demographics, shopping habits and shopping behaviors and what motivates customers to return to a store. Loyalty programs can set you above the competition.

Getting Familiar with eBay

Paulette Baker from Paulette Baker Consulting Services, Inc. shows us the right steps and tips for selling on eBay as a basic store. Including; Listing (descriptions & photographs), Selling (Auctions & Buy it Now, Best Offers), Packaging and Mailing, Sales & Markdowns, Return Policies and Restocking Fees. Once you get the basics down pat, selling on eBay can bring your resale store additional income year around. Get all you need to know about selling on eBay from an experienced shop owner and online reseller.

Strategic Planning for Resale Success

Strategic planning involves determining the company’s path for the future—where it wants to go, and what must be done to get it there. A SWOT analysis is the first step of this process. NARTS Director, Bonnie Kallenberg of Finders Keepers, leads you through an exercise to identify your own Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats. She also helps you define your goals and make your business vision a reality. This interactive presentation is designed to help you formulate strategies that generate measurable results!

Sunday Sessions

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Managing Multiple Locations and Pros/Cons
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