Affiliate Membership Benefits

Target The Lucrative Resale Market!

NARTS can serve as a powerful marketing tool for suppliers of goods and services. Vendors of wholesale goods and store supplies, publishers, buyers, computer software specialists and shoplifting prevention firms are eligible for NARTS Affiliate (Supplier) Membership.

Untapped Market:

Resale and thrift shops throughout the country are anxious for new sources and suppliers. A NARTS Affiliate Membership is the perfect way to access this yet untapped market.

Target Your Market:

Display advertising in NARTS publications is a wise investment. Advertising opportunities are available in the NARTS monthly newsletter and other publications. Members receive a discount on all advertising rates.

Suppliers Guide:

This "Yellow Pages" of all Affiliate Members, their goods and services, is included in the Members Only section of our Website. Every Affiliate Member gets a FREE 75 word listing in the Suppliers Guide.

Membership Directory:

Our online Membership Directory lists each member with address, phone, fax, email, Web site, merchandise categories and other vital statistics of membership. The directory is updated daily.


NARTSWeb, used constantly by our members, contains an up-to-date Buyers Guide with your listing and 75 word statement published in the Members Only section. Your listing also includes a FREE hyperlink to your own Website. You can post messages advertising new products or specials on our message boards.


We have a Closed Facebook Group for NARTS Members Only... where members can share privately. Participants can engage, vent, share and speak with other members about sensitive issues without the prying eyes of the whole Facebook world. We encourage Affiliate members to join our FB group and introduce your company and product/services to our membership. You can monitor the group and respond to any questions pertinant to your products or services. 

Customer Contact:

Participation in SourceMart, the resale tradeshow at our Annual Conference, is a productive way to sell your product or service to new customers and maintain current contacts. As NARTS affiliates, you receive priority mailing of SourceMart applications and reduced booth rental.

Mailing Labels & Broadcast Email:

Preprinted Member mailing labels are available for purchase. We also offer Broadcast Email services. Use these time-saving tools in your marketing endeavors.


Maximize your visibility to members with one of the various sponsorship opportunities available to our Affiliates.