Direct Marketing Opportunities

Resale professionals are seeking information about products and services
to increase their profits... why not be part of their solution?

Broadcast Email Services

The Easy Way to Reach Our Membership!

Available to NARTS Affiliate Members ONLY

NARTS will send a Broadcast Email with the advertising information you provide. You design your own ad, select background and text colors - and include a link to your Website.

All blasts will be sent from NARTS ( in our recognizable broadcast email template. With the vast amount of email that everyone gets daily, many automatically delete or block messages from unknown sources. By sending your advertising message through NARTS you are assured that your message will be given consideration.

The price is just $100 per broadcast . . . less than the cost of postage to reach that many potential customers.

To take advantage of Broadcast Email Services:  Payment Form  Printable Broadcast Guidelines

Mailing List Rental

Available to NARTS Affiliate Members ONLY

NARTS mailing lists include the names of influential resale professionals. Full membership lists or customized lists, based on specific criteria, are available. NARTS database is updated daily, making NARTS lists the cleanest and most useful in reaching resalers.

Affiliate Member 15¢ per label
Service Charge $15.00 per order
Postage/Handling $8.95 per order
Rental Information

Each list rental is for one time use only.
Format: Peel & stick labels (30 per page).
Sample of mailing piece required.
Pre payment by check or credit card required.

To take advantage of Mailing List Rental contact Adele at: or 800.544.0751

Other Marketing Opportunities

  • Conference Tradeshow Exhibits
  • Conference Sponsorships
  • Conference Auction Donations

For further information please contact: us at 800.544.0751 or