Why Become a NARTS Member?
We're So Glad You Asked!

NARTS provides its members with the tools they need to succeed as Resale Professionals. The following wide array of benefits and services, offered through this Association, broadens the opportunity to thrive in the resale industry of today... and tomorrow.


The cornerstone of NARTS existence is its commitment to providing the best adult learning experiences available to the resale professional. Participate, share and network with experts and peers at one of the many meetings, seminars and annual conference held each year. Our educational meetings are packed with resale-specific information to help you become more professional and increase your profit margin.


The NARTS Bookstore has an ever growing collection of books to help you with many aspects of the resale industry... including startup books. Take this opportunity to review and purchase the comprehensive selection of resale books and materials available online.


NARTS members receive a discount on all meeting fees and most educational materials.


Your NARTS Network, our monthly online digital flipbook newsletter, brings you the latest news and information about activities within the Association and industry. It carries valuable resale/retail related articles as well as current association news. It provides targeted education on all aspects of the resale industry, including customer service, employee relations, promotions, advertising, selling techniques, NFP issues and hot topics. Our digital flipbook format puts our newsletter on the cutting-edge. You can view it with a Table of Contents and List of Advertisers. Just click on an article or ad and the newsletter will open to that specific page. You can also click "Slideshow" to quickly scan the entire issue. Our flipbook is printable and works on all mobile devices.


NARTS public relations efforts stimulate awareness, heighten visibility and build credibility for resale professionals and the resale industry at-large. As a NARTS member your shop benefits from the continual media coverage of the industry and association.


As a NARTS member, your shop's name and business information is included in the Shopping Guide, the consumer section of our Web site, which draws over 100,000 visitors each week. The site also provides consumer guides; such as, How to Shop Resale and How to Prepare Items for Resale. Consumers use the guide to locate resale shops in their local area or an area they will be visiting.


A "who’s who" of the resale industry, our online directory is updated daily. Another valuable reference tool for individual networking, its listing of all NARTS members includes the "vital statistics" of membership.


A listing of our Affiliate members who are suppliers and wholesalers interested in doing business with the resale professional. Locate and access vendors with the latest in business services, resale software, store supplies and promotional items... along with wholesalers of jewelry, accessories and clothing.


Your connection to tomorrow... this interactive technological tool is updated on a continual basis. Your store will be listed in the Shopping Guide, giving you world wide exposure to the millions of consumers surfing the Internet. The Members Only section has links to our Membership Directory and Suppliers Guide which are updated daily. You can also "Meet the Board", browse through Cyber Survey results on various topics and read/print archived copies of the past four years of our monthly newsletter, Your NARTS Network. The advantages can make a world of difference to your business!


As a NARTS member you will proudly display the NARTS Membership Decal & Code of Ethics certificate and are licensed to use the NARTS logo in your advertising. This usage signifies your national affiliation and assures professionalism to the consumer.


Our Facebook page shows others in the industry what NARTS is about and highlights our upcoming events. We also have a Closed Group for NARTS Members Only, an active online community, where members can share privately. Participants can engage, vent, share and speak with other members about sensitive issues without the prying eyes of the whole Facebook world. This is a valuable peer connection to information where you will quickly receive responses to your questions.


NARTS works closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to keep your shop on the cutting edge of product safety. We provide direct links to the CPSC site for both consumers and resale professionals. The product safety section of NARTSWeb is filled with valuable information.


Priority Payment Systems is the Official Bank Card Processor for NARTS, offering our members a full line of electronic payment services including: credit and debit card processing, electronic check services, ATM services, and gift and loyalty card programs. Their personalized pricing, service and support cannot be matched! Member rates will give you savings to start improving your bottom line today!


Horton Insurance is the administrator of the insurance program written specifically for NARTS by St. Paul/Travelers. This policy, designed for the resale industry, provides property coverage for items that you are selling on consignment (actual cash value). NOTE: 80% or more of total sales must be from clothing to qualify for this policy. It does not cover furniture stores. Please check with Horton for complete guidelines. Horton Insurance can also provide property and liability quotes.

Membership Categories & Dues