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Thank you for your interest in joining NARTS!

Please review this information so you may select the proper membership category. More detailed information is in Membership Categories, Dues & Parameters


You represent a store that does not already hold a NARTS Primary membership.
$145 To Join ($120 a year Primary Dues+$25 Application Fee)
Primary Membership Application

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You represent an additional location of a current Primary member.
$84 a year Dues (No Application Fee)
Secondary Membership Application


You are a partner or employee who works at the same store location of a current Primary or Secondary member.
$36 a year Dues (No Application Fee)
Associate Membership Application


You are considering, or are in the process of, opening a resale store.
$145 To Join ($120 a year Primary Dues+$25 Application Fee) Provisional Membership Application

Note: Provisional memberships can be converted to Primary at no additional charge. When your store is physically open for business, complete the Provisional Member Conversion form in Members Only on our Website. At that time your store will be listed in our online Shopping Guide.

If you represent a company that supplies a service or product to the resale industry, please visit our For Suppliers section.
Please note: This page is for new or reinstating members only, not to be used for renewals.
Current members may renew in the Members Only section.
A membership year is 12 months. Your renewal will be due one year from the month you joined NARTS.