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Saturday Workshops

Concurrent Sessions 10:00 AM

Buyer's Fees 101

Explore strategies and suggestions for tailoring a buyer's fee program to the unique needs of your store. Discuss reasons to use, or not use, a buyer's/item fee. Jody Czako, of My Cousin’s Cottage, will present ideas on additional ways to incentive employees or preferred consignors with a custom fee structure. Calculate the impact of different fee structures using an Excel spreadsheet Jody will provide. Learn how to explain the buyer's fee to your consignors in clear, concise method that eliminates misunderstandings.

Completing a Physical Inventory

How many of us have delayed completing a physical inventory for weeks, months, or even years? Valerie Sanchez, of Article Consignment, will show you why it's important to compare the items your computer shows are in your store with the items you actually have on hand. Explore how to prepare, even months in advance, to make the process as smooth as possible. Learn steps to take before, during, and after your scan, including assessing results. How daunting is the task of finding and scanning EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM in our stores? Don't worry . . . you're not alone. Let's make a plan together!

For Managers Only

A session focusing on equipping managers to manage the day-to-day operations and effectively communicate and collaborate with the owner of the business. Owners not allowed as we discuss with managers how to navigate their role.  Managers will learn what makes it easier for owners to step back and let them manage. Sara Sundblad, of Stuff Etc.,  will help you discover what tools can be put in place to keep owners and managers on the same page. Managers will learn techniques to navigate the uncomfortable owner/manager situations.

The World of eBay, Poshmark & Facebook

Jennifer Welte and Emily Ballard, of Camilla’s Closet, will cover three areas of profitable selling that don't require customers to walk through your front door. Jennifer will cover eBay and its ever changing rules and guidelines. Emily will lead you through the world of Poshmark and help you identify what inventory is best suited for that platform. Together they will share the basics of Facebook Live, including tips and tricks to make yours a better shopping experience. You will also learn the basics of shipping online merchandise in this timely session.t

Concurrent Sessions 11:30 AM

Leadership Skills for High Performance

This workshop will cover four topics including a framework for identifying when employees are triggered by company or leadership behavior and how to alleviate this. Lori Clark, of Upright Labs, will also cover how to build trust as a new or existing leader, performance management principles, and the importance of your employer branding to attract top talent.  Explore neurological triggers that drive disengagement and trust-building behaviors.  Learn how to manage performance and create an employer brand.

Turn VolunTEARS to VolunCHEERS

When your non-profit relies heavily on volunteers...finding, recruiting, and retaining volunteers can leave you stressed and in tears. Where did all the volunteers go? Mary Hovis, of Silk Purse Thrift Store, will share ideas on where and how to go about finding volunteers. Explore ways to encourage them to become volunteers. Learn things you can do, and what not to do, to keep them coming back to volunteer.

Ask The Jeweler!

Curt Welte of Camilla's Closet, will provide the valuable knowledge you need in your resale business! Learn how to identify gold and silver jewelry from costume jewelry, how to know if pearls are real, and how to identify coins that are valuable. Curt will share industry contacts and suppliers for gold buying/selling and provide trusted suppliers for all your jewelry needs. This session will also cover how to begin doing basic gold buying to increase your bottom line, how to identify what period an item is from, pocket watch basics & values and how gold is tested for purity.

Concurrent Sessions 3:00 PM

Maximizing Your Shopify Website

Step into the dynamic world of Shopify e-commerce with Judy Connor of StillGoode Home Consignments. With nearly two decades in the consignment and resale industry, Judy will show you the roadmap to online selling success. Unlock the essentials to catapulting your e-commerce venture to seven-figure heights, whether you're just dipping your toes in or have been selling on Shopify for years. Judy's workshop provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to attracting customers to your website and keeping them coming back for more.

Addressing Social Issues with Care

Social problems affect the behavior and success of employees each day. Employers often struggle to understand issues employees are facing, including mental health challenges, poverty, sexism, racism, obesity, drug and alcohol dependence, and domestic violence. These problems lead to demotivated, unhappy employees who struggle with productivity. Robyn Hicks, of Another Season Consignments, will help you identify multiple social issues facing employees and the impact it has on their performance. In this session you will explore legal ramifications and learn steps for response and support. 

Your Why Inspires Where You’re Going!

Do you recall why you got into the resale industry? Was it by choice or by accident? Did that change inspire or discourage you?  Abe Sanchez, of Article Consignment,  will help you analyze your business by taking a look at where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. Remember your why and take control of your business! No matter how out of control you may feel at times.  Create a plan on how to take control of your business and life. Your efforts will help you find joy and balance in your business and life.

Concurrent Sessions 4:30 PM

Financials & Budget Forecasting

This interactive session led by Scott Alton, of M&C Clothing and Gifts, shares real-life experience encompassing 38 years of Senior Retail Management experience.  Scott will cover a range of topics and simplify Financial Reporting and the Budgeting process. You will explore key concepts, industry best practices, and practical strategies to help you make informed decisions that contribute to the financial health and sustainability of your resale business.

Conquering the Beast

Let’s be honest, there is no perfect intake process, says Alyssa Gonzales, of Another Season Consignments. From training to maintaining organization we're constantly adapting to the demand. What kind of employee fits the position, how to train employees what to look for, how to train consignors, is the process time and cost efficient? It's time to conquer the beast and discover the intake process that works best for your business.

Strategies for Success

Dennis Sewell, NARTS President and co-owner of StillGoode Home Consignments leads this session. Dennis will share proven strategies to help your business succeed. He will review marketing techniques and discuss ways to streamline your business processes, manage your team, and use technology to organize and grow your business.

Digital Evolution in Luxury Resale

Explore the intersection of technology and luxury resale in this insightful workshop. Learn how digital channels, AI, and human expertise collectively enhance the customer experience and establish trust in the luxury resale business. Nikita Chen & Gustavs Zegners, of LegitGrails, will discuss practical strategies for integrating technology beyond authentication, focusing on also improving management and customer engagement. The session will also delve into the future of AI in luxury item authentication.

Sunday Networking Sessions

Concurrent Sessions 9:30 AM

You're LIVE on Facebook

Private group setup, selling tips, billing, shipping and so much more to discuss!

The NFP Exchange

A sharing of ideas and NFP specifics. 

World of Websites

Necessary to grow and enhance your business... discuss all aspects of Websites!

Furniture & Home Decor

A sharing of concerns, ideas and experiences. 

Concurrent Sessions 10:45 AM

Instagram Interests

Discuss how you use this social media platform to increase your sales. 

Email Marketing

Share ideas for increasing and optimizing your email marketing. 

Buy Outright

Already buying outright or thinking of this alternative to consignment, join the discussion!

Exciting Events

The possibilities for different types of events are endless! Talk about them all. 

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