Membership - Categories & Dues

Membership Parameters According to Bylaws: Article IX

Section 1: Membership Approval

Any person applying for membership to this corporation is subject to the approval of the board of directors. Retail membership in this corporation is limited to individuals representing retail stores and shops that continuously conduct the business described in Section 2 of this Article from non-residential physical retail premises or through a dedicated online Internet presence and falling within the following categories of retail stores and shops:

  1. For-profit retail stores and shops, which solicit inventory on a consignment basis, or on a "buy outright" basis; or
  2. Not-for-Profit retail stores and shops operated by and on behalf of charities they represent, providing that those charities have been granted Section 501 (C)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code.

Retail stores and shops which (a) receive or purchase inventory originally solicited as a charitable donation, but operate in whole or in part for the benefit of a for-profit person or entity; (b) operate in or from a residence; (c) engage only in seasonal or event sales; (d) operate in or from a multi-dealer mall or market; and/or (e) lease or license third parties to conduct business on premises they own, lease or control shall NOT be eligible for membership.

Membership in NARTS shall be recorded in the name of the individual, not the employing organization. In the event a member leaves the employing organization or for any other reason finds it necessary to transfer their membership within the same company, the member may do so with payment of a processing fee accompanied by the proper paperwork.

Section 2: Retail Membership Categories


Any person representing a firm, partnership, corporation or other business entity selling at retail goods that consist predominantly of used or recycled personal or household merchandise shall be eligible for Primary Membership. There shall be one and only one Primary Member from any group of persons or business entities that are related to each other through direct or indirect ownership, franchising or licensing arrangements. A Primary Member is a voting Member. Primary Dues: $120 year


Any person representing a firm, partnership, corporation or other business entity selling at retail goods that consist predominantly of used or recycled personal or household merchandise, and which is related to a Primary Member through ownership, franchising or licensing arrangements, shall be eligible for Secondary Membership. Note: There MUST be a Primary Member before a Secondary Member can be added to NARTS Membership. A Secondary Member is a non-voting Member representing your additional location(s). Secondary Dues: $84 year


Any partner or regular full-time employee of a Primary or Secondary Member in good standing in the Association shall be eligible for Associate Membership. Note: There MUST be a Primary Member, working at the same store location, before an Associate Member can be added to NARTS Membership. An Associate Member is a non-voting Membership designed to give others involved in your business a professional status. Associate Dues: $36 year


Any individual or person planning to be eligible for Primary Membership within one year from the date of acceptance into the Association in this membership category shall be eligible for Provisional Membership. No Provisional Member shall be eligible to renew its Provisional Membership without express prior approval of the Association’s Membership Services Director. Renewal of Provisional Membership is limited to one additional year. Note: Provisional memberships can be converted to Primary at no additional charge. When your store is physically open for business, complete the Provisional Member Conversion form in Members Only on our Website. At that time your store will be listed in our online Shopping Guide. A Provisional Member is a future owner and a non-voting Member. Provisional Dues: $120 year

Membership Renewal/Refund/Cancellation Policy

All memberships begin the month the application is processed and are for a one year period. Members are sent a dues renewal notice no later than one month before their expiration date. If renewals are delinquent more than 60 days after renewal date, membership will lapse. Lapsed members would have to join again as a new member and pay $25 application fee.

There will be no refund of prepaid dues if a member chooses to terminate their membership.

After review of application by NARTS—if an applicant does not meet membership parameters, credit card charge will be reversed and applicant will be notified.