Meeting Agenda

9:00 AM Registration & Breakfast Buffet
10:15 AM Welcome & Introductions
10:30 AM Morning Presentation:  Planning for 2023

We often read about measuring our successes and monitoring our growth.  All good intentions can be thrown out the window as you maneuver the day to day struggles of the entrepreneur life.  Don't let another year slide by without conducting your business with intention.

We must set GOALS in order to know where to even begin assessing our productivity.  Whether we meet them or not, if we don't set our intentions, how will we know what to work towards?  Lets brainstorm and look at the various components of your business.  Do you know what goals you want to focus on?  By breaking down the various aspects together we can then outline what we want 2023 to look like for us from beginning to end.

Entrepreneur and author Kirsty Roefs has owned and operated the House of Consignment, a successful consignment shop in New York State, for the past two decades all while raising her family in their home above the retail space. She and the shop have survived one pandemic, two hundred-year floods and four children. She passes on her first-hand experience and knowledge gained while working in resale since the 1970s in her book, Consignment from Home. The shop features fashion and furnishings, sold in the physical store, on social media, and off the website

11:30 AM Networking Break—Refreshments
12:15 PM Luncheon
1:30 PM Afternoon Presentation:  Instagram for “Reel” Dummies

Never in modern history has there been such an explosively trending social marketing tool.  It’s growing at lightening speed, eating up viewer attention like the Cookie Monster in a Nabisco factory and leaving small business owners everywhere scratching their heads in mental paralysis.  Reels can be pretty complex or very simple.  Either way, you may think your precious 12 second video is a masterpiece, but let’s face it—the almighty IG algorithm will decide whether to serve your work of art up to the masses...or bury it in obscurity. 

And how do we “please the Master?”  Get seen?   Become one of the popular kids?  This workshop will be the result of a journey—a 75 day journey.  There will be research, reading, practice, trials, record-keeping, spreadsheets, note-taking, head-scratching, maybe a few ahah-moments and hopefully not too much crying.  And when we sit down together on November 6th—maybe, just maybe—we’ll be able to “please the Master.”  

My name is Sonya Nix and I am the 25 year the owner of two stores in Alabama, Better Than Before Consignments.  I am self-taught in a host of different areas in my life:  writing, sewing, painting, computer-use, wife-ing, running a small business, Facebook Lives and the list goes on.  I guess I’m just looking to add IG Reels to the list.  Won’t you join me?

2:30 PM Refreshment Break
3:00 PM Resale Rounds - Guided Interactive Networking
4:00 PM Closing

Optional Resale Shop Bus Tour
Monday, November 7, 2022
10 AM to 4 PM

Board a NARTS "Resale Express" bus at the hotel and enjoy a day filled with learning and adventure visiting NARTS member shops in the Cleveland area. This event is an opportunity to brainstorm with your peers and make new friends as you gather ideas to adapt and apply to your own shops. Tour the stores from entrance to exit, including back rooms... something we resalers are always curious about. As an added advantage, you have an opportunity to shop and pick up some fine buys for yourself and your stores. A box lunch is included. Don't miss this VERY popular optional event! Bus tour is for registered attendees only.