By Gail Siegel
NARTS Membership Director

Reprinted and Updated from a past issue of Your NARTS Network, NARTS Monthly Newsletter

I wish that Conference 2019 in Columbus was starting tomorrow and I was right there—sharing the excitement of this annual event with you! Every time I enter the name of an attendee and print a name badge, I become more enthusiastic about the whole experience of Conference. Again this year, the response has been fantastic. It is exhilarating to see how many professionals in this industry are eager to learn and ready to share!

Many of you attend every year and you fully understand the fantastic educational opportunities available. You have had the chance to take all the tremendous ideas back to your businesses and put them to work for you. So very often it took only one new concept, suggestion or inspiration to turn your business around or add to your profits. Perhaps your employee or volunteer relationships developed into the real "team" you wanted. Possibly you moved one rack or display, changed paint color, or spruced up your fitting rooms and heard time after time from your customers how much easier and more pleasant it was to shop at your store. They came back more often, stayed longer, bought more... Perhaps you made one small change to your consignment contract that paid the rent all on its own! Whatever the improvement, the positive result to your bottom line is the incentive you need to return to a NARTS Conference. You know there is always more to discover and knowledge to be gained. You also realize the importance of contributing to the continuing education of all within this industry. I truly can’t wait to see you again!

For some, this will be the first Conference you will attend. Boy, are you going to love it! I am not kidding about that one thing—great or small—you will learn that could turn your business around. Those of you who have not yet opened your store have the golden opportunity to learn from others the many ways to avoid pitfalls and start out on the right foot toward your own road to success. Your minds will be boggled with all the valuable information included in this one of a kind educational affair. The workshops, guided networking sessions and forums are presented by some of the best in the business and designed to instruct, train and refine the many facets of resale for both beginners and veterans. There is more...

One of the greatest benefits of Conference is the never ending informal exchange of ideas that take place everywhere you go—like on the resale bus tour, which is a teaching tool like no other! As you tour member stores from the entrance to the back rooms, you will see how others run their shops and glean more ideas than you can imagine. Plus, while traveling from store to store the networking goes on and on. Throughout the meeting, whether you are eating, shopping at SourceMart or taking a relaxing break, the exchange of questions, answers and views continue. There is more...

Along the way... you will have fun and you will laugh. You will eat lots and lots of great food and make valuable business acquaintances. If you are fortunate, you may also begin a life long friendship with someone you would never have met had you not gone to Conference. Who knows how many wonderful surprises await you in Columbus!

Oh, I can just imagine all the delights of this year’s Conference at the Hilton Columbus at Easton... I just can’t imagine being there without you! You're going—right?